List your Financing Page on your business site

We had worked with hundreds of home-improvement businesses in the past months and one thing we have noticed is that contractors that linked their SimpleDirect Financing Page to their business websites have significantly more traffic volume and number of leads compared with the rest of the businesses.

  • Increases more traffic and convert more website visitors

  • Give your customers an easier way to find your financing page

  • Establish web presence and competitive advantage

There are several ways you can link your Financing Page, and we will walk you through each one of these methods so you can pick the best way:

  • Attach your SimpleDirect customer brochure to your business site

  • Create a link to your Financing Website

  • Create a "Financing" section

Attach your SimpleDirect customer brochure to your business site

This is the simplest way to let your customers know you now provide financing. Having a "Financing" tab in your navigation bar and when customers enter, they can see the PDF right away.

(SimpleDirect was named Ccino before)

Sample code for your site:

<code><a href="your-financing-brochure-link" target="_blank">Financing</a>

The idea is similar, creating a link to your financing website so that your customers can go directly to the site.

Additionally, you can add a few sentences explaining how the financing works to customers who might be hesitating:

<code>Financing Available - Get your competitive rates under 60 seconds.  <a href="your-financing-website-link" target="_blank">Financing</a>

Create a "Financing" section

Having a "Financing" section for your website creates the most value but it also takes time. We have prepared a template for you.

Simple, Fast Loans for Your Home Improvement Project

We’ve teamed up with SimpleDirect, the leader in home improvement financing, to find you competitive loan options that save you money and get your project done right.

Why SimpleDirect

  • Pre-qualification doesn’t affect your credit

  • Low, fixed monthly payments

  • Request up to $100,000

  • Funding in as soon as 24 hours

  • Avoid using home equity

  • No prepayment penalties

How It Works

Step 1: Complete A Short Online Form

Just answer a few questions to see available rates without affecting your credit score.

Step 2: Review Loan Options

If eligible, you’ll get personalized options from multiple lending partners. You can then apply for your chosen loan.

Step 3: Get Funded As Soon As 24 Hours

If approved, you can get money in your account the next day.

Get Personalized Options Now

Check your rates under 60 seconds - no impact on your credit score.

<code><a href="your-financing-website-link" target="_blank">Financing</a>


Congrats! Now you have completed all the getting started content and now it's time to take actions and start getting more sales coming your way. If you have any questions, please email us at

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