Case study: A hypothetical estimate

Shawn is the Director of Sales. His role is to visit clients in person and give them estimates as well as trying to close the sale


Shawn is visiting his customer Julie for the first time. Upon arriving at Julie's house, Shawn inspected the house and let Julie know her project estimate is $10,000.

After reviewing the quote items together, Shawn let Julie know his business's financing partner SimpleDirect can help break her project down in fixed monthly payments.

Shawn says if Julie wants, he can give her an estimate of how much she will be paying monthly with the financing partner.

Julie is interested in learning how much she will be paying if she breaks her payment into 3, 5, and 8 years.

Shawn opens the SimpleDirect App and opens "Monthly Estimate":

  • Julie's credit score is above 700

  • Julie is looking to finance $10,000 in full

  • Julie wants to see how much she will be paying if she pays in three, five, and eight years

According to SimpleDirect:

  • Julie will be paying around $326 if she breaks her payments to 3 years

  • Julie will be paying around $216 if she breaks her payments to 5 years

  • Julie will be paying around $156 if she breaks her payments to 8 years


Shawn tells Julie checking rates on his financing partner SimpleDirect's site does not impact credit scores, and it would return multiple offers from multiple lenders.

Julie says she thinks the quote is reasonable and she's very interested of having it a try to see what her rates might look like.

Shawn selects "New Application" and when asked if he's with his client, he selects yes.

The SimpleDirect App then asks Shawn to hand over his device to Julie for her to complete the application on her own.

The SimpleDirect application typically takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Once Julie completes the information, she needs to sign the project intent agreement as the final step.

The project intent agreement states that Julie agrees to pay Shawn's business for the funds she borrowed through SimpleDirect, and if she uses the fund for different purposes, SimpleDirect and its lending partners have the rights to rescind the funds.


The check rates process is complete, the next-step would be for SimpleDirect to process the application and send Julie her qualified rates.

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