Welcome to the product guide for Ccino!

In this doc, we will walk you through

  • How to create an account on Ccino

  • Receive your business's financing website

  • Inviting the team to work together

  • Getting your first sale using Ccino

About Ccino

Ccino's purpose is to empower home-improvement businesses, small or large, to have easy, unlimited access to offer financing.

Ccino achieves this purpose by making financing accessible and affordable for all businesses. Traditionally, only large-size businesses are able to offer financing. Ccino's mission is to make financing available for all businesses.

Ccino's advantages include:

  • No barriers of entry

    Most financing resources requires businesses to have established history and millions in annual cash-flows. Ccino has changed the industry by opening financing to every contractor. No question asked.

  • No dealer fees

    Dealer fees take away your profits, and discourage businesses to offer financing confidently to customers. Ccino has removed dealer fees and let its businesses offer unlimited loans to customers with ease.

  • Low credit requirements

    By operating as the "middle-man", Ccino is able to connect your customer with multiple top lending partners, allowing even low-credit customers have access to financing.

  • Fast funding

    Because of the competition with traditional banking, Ccino's lending partners usually deposit the funds within 1-3 business days.

Ccino also provides multiple benefits for your customers:

  • No impact on credit scores

    Many services can help your customers see their offers, with the expense of having their credit score impacted and hard to find another loan. Ccino does so without impacting their credit scores.

  • Multiple offers

    Traditionally, your customer can only see 1-2 offers from the financing provider. At Ccino, we provide multiple offers, and we always rank the best, lowest-cost offer at the top.

  • No pre-payment penalties

    Your customers can always pay back the loan in full if they want to, without pre-payment penalties or additional interest payments.

  • Customer support on their side

    Unlike most other solutions, we always encourage your customers to take the lowest cost offers, and the lowest interest products.

Current Status

Ccino is being used by hundreds of home-improvement businesses today and is a fast-growing company in the home-improvement space.

We are constantly improving our technology. Our iOS and Android apps are expected to be released in October 2019 and our web application is expecting a huge update in October 2019 as well.

Ccino Support Hours

Our team works from 9 am to 6 pm ET on Monday to Friday. You can contact us using the following methods: