First impression on the Financing Page

ow we have walked through together how the SimpleDirect App works, let's dive in deeper into the Financing Page, which is the personalized page you send to clients when you are not with them in-person.

The Financing Page includes the terms and details of the loan, as well as a quick link to check their rates.

The idea of creating a Financing Page is to make it easier for your customers to check rates, and help make your business competitive. Most other major financing companies requires contractors to start new applications in person, and letting your customers to do so at their own time is a great experience for them as well.


Sharing the financing page to customers is very simple, just by going to the SimpleDirect App and select "Share Financing Page", the app will send the page to your customers instantly.

Get Informed

For every customer, regardless of whether they checked their rates through the app or the financing website, you will get notified when they are pre-qualified, approved, etc.

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