SimpleDirect Overview

SimpleDirect's aim is to let every home-improvement businesses offer financing to their clients with ease and get paid easily.

We have transformed the way businesses offering financing. Traditionally, businesses' perform ID checks for their customers. Now, you can offer financing when you're in the office, doing the work, and even when you're asleep.

Your Unique Financing Website

  • A unique website exclusive for your business

  • Your customer can check their personalized offers

  • Have financing done without you being present

The first-step towards stress-free financing is the ability to share financing to customers anytime, anywhere. To achieve this, SimpleDirect creates a unique financing page for every business.

What can this page do? It's a go-to-place for your customers who wants financing. Customers always have hundreds of questions regarding financing, and we have made all these questions available for answers on your unique financing website.

Besides, your unique financing website helps your customers complete their applications and check their personalized offers in under 2 minutes. This means even if you or your team is not around, your customers can check their offers at their own convenience.

The SimpleDirect App

  • Portable application for you and the team

  • Do monthly estimate to improve chances of a close

  • Help customers submit their application in under 2 minutes

We understand for most businesses, visiting customers is still one of the top ways of getting sales. To make this process easier and more efficient, we have created the SimpleDirect App, which is a web application that works on your phone, tablet, and desktop.

The most attractive part of the SimpleDirect App is its ability to do monthly estimate for your customers. Once you or your team knows the total cost of the project, you and the team can use the SimpleDirect App to let the customer know how much they can pay monthly if they use SimpleDirect.

Once your customer agrees to check their rates, you and the team can use the SimpleDirect App to check their offers for them in under 2 minutes.

SimpleDirect iOS and SimpleDirect Android

Our iOS and Android app is now available. You and the team can download the app and use it with you every time you are visiting your customer.

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