About Pricing

We know for contractors like yourself, pricing is one of the top questions. We want to be as transparent as possible on our pricing in this document. If you have any questions please email us at support@getsimpledirect.com.

COVID-19 Reliefs

For businesses that are hard-hit during COVID-19, SimpleDirect has released a payment deferral plan that will defer your payments until after January 2022.

To qualify for this plan, you must be:

  • You are a small home-improvement contractor in the US.

  • Your company has less than $35,000 in monthly revenue since March 2020.

  • Your company has less than 5 employees.

To apply for the COVID-19 relief plan, please email our team at support@getsimpledirect.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Small Business Pricing

For businesses that have less than $100,000 in monthly revenue and are small businesses, we have a small business pricing that helps you get started with offering financing quickly.

  • Pay monthly: $49/month

  • Pay annually: $499/year

Mid-Large Size Business Pricing

For businesses that have more than $100,000 in monthly revenue. We have a standard pricing of 4.99% per funded loan.

  • Because SimpleDirect does not offer credit cards like others, your customers pay you in cash or through debit card where processing costs are minimal.

  • Contact us today at (415) 367-4993 for a 14-day free trial on our Enterprise Plan.

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